We can do it, but we MUST do it TOGETHER.

Join us for networking & discussion

Fridays @ 6:30pm


Held at 89 North Ave NE, Bandon Ore.
Restoration Worship Center






"We just want everyone to realize that ignoring the hate-induced actions we see around us is just as dangerous as running a stop sign- injury, ruined lives, fatalities." www.stophate.com

Thank you David Sumrall for speaking with CRL during our Friday meeting 6/11. 

Freedom, Faith, Family Festival had approx. 1800 in attendance, with thousands more viewing the online livestream from the steeltruth.com. A BIG THANK YOU to all our guests and volunteers who helped make this a fun, safe gathering we call all be proud of.  Post your photos/videos to your online platform of choice with #freedomfaithfamily2021 

Volunteers Needed:​

  • 4th of July Parade; designing & building the float. 

  • Coos County Fair: Tue, Jul 20, 2021 – Sat, Jul 24, 2021; info booth staff. 


Next Meeting
Friday, June 18th
 6:30-8:00 pm

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Movie Premiere

Patrick Byrne has released a trailer for a new movie called "The Deep Rig".

From Director Roger R. Richards & Steve Lucescu.
Featuring Gen. Michael Flynn, Joseph Flynn, Jesse Binnall, Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, Bobby Piton, Col. Phil Waldron, Matthew Deperno, & Joe Oltmann.

*CRL will host a screening of the movie once it's released. Tentatively July 3rd. 7pm @ Sprague Theater, $10

Join our network of concerned citizens

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Bandon City Council: 1st Mon @ 7pm

Coos Bay City Council: 1st Tues @ 7pm

Coquille City Council: 1st Mon @ 7pm

Lakeside City Council: 2nd Thurs @ 7pm

North Bend City Council: 2nd Tues @ 7pm

Myrtle Point City Council: 1st & 3rd Mon @ 7:30 pm

Bandon School Board: 1st Thurs @ 5:30pm

Coquille School Board: 2nd Wed @ 6pm

Coos Bay School Board: 2nd Mon @ 6pm

North Bend School Board: 1st Thurs @ 7pm

Myrtle Point School Board: 2nd Mon @ 6:30pm

We encourage you to use your voice and attend your local city council & school board meetings. 

*Subject to change, monitor city and school websites for monthly schedule

Republican Party Precinct Person

PCPs are the heart of the Republican Party. They are the grassroots activists who work hard to get Republican candidates elected, to get measures on the ballot, and help pass ballot measures that reflect our Republican values.

Take action

We are forming sub-committees to streamline our focus. Submit the contact us form and indicate your interest. Suggested committees include: 

  • Voter Integrity

  • Local candidates & issues

  • COVID-19 Restrictions & Safety

Awareness items

"Trump Won" Car Magnets - $10

"Take Back Your Rights" Yard Signs - $10

*Suggested Donations

Dominion Class Action Lawsuit

We all know about the irregularities alleged during the 2020 election. Now, a small patriotic group, Our Vote Matters, have created lawsuits against many of these alleged offenders. Visit their website for more information, to join the class action, and to download legal documents.