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Take Action: Take Action

 We can do it, but we MUST do it TOGETHER.


Join us for networking & discussion in-person Fridays @ 6:30 pm. 
Link virtually on Telegram for information sharing @CitizensRestoringLiberty
Join our facebook group: Citizens Restoring Liberty

Watch the World's Worst Webcast Sunday @ 5pm on Rumble 


Friday Meetings are held at 89 North Ave NE, Bandon Ore.
Restoration Worship Center

  • Citizens Restoring Liberty has started a campaign to raise money for Tim Foley & Arizona Border Recon.

    • Support Arizona Border Recall, CLICK HERE to donate.

  • The CRL "Worst Webcast in the World" will stream a new episode live each Sunday afternoon on We discuss current events, old ideas, inspirational interactions, and a little bit of periodic ridiculosity. Webcasts are available for re-streaming after the live cast has ended. Our channel can be found at:

  • Telegram: @CitizensRestoringLiberty





We ALL MUST HANG TOGETHER on these crucial issues, or soon we will all hang separately. Pray the Lord will see us through these daunting times. Aside from our own fortitude, He is our best and only hope to restore this republic to its rightful foundations.

Call and email Kate Brownshirt to give her your opinion on local matters and remind her that Oregonians outside the metro area are ready to stand up for their rights!

(503) 378-4582 

Republican Party Precinct Person

PCPs are the heart of the Republican Party. They are the grassroots activists who work hard to get Republican candidates elected, to get measures on the ballot, and help pass ballot measures that reflect our Republican values.

Take action

We are forming sub-committees to streamline our focus. Submit the contact us form and indicate your interest. Suggested committees include: 

  • Voter Integrity

  • Local candidates & issues

  • COVID-19 Restrictions & Safety

Awareness items

"Trump Won" Car Magnets - $10

"Take Back Your Rights" Yard Signs - $10

"Unmask Oregon" sticker - $2

*Suggested Donations



Abundant Bread of Salvation

Brian Slater, joined us from Israel to share his mission in Israel, to learn more visit Abundant Bread of Salvation.

Support Kaffe 101

Kaffe 101 has stood fast and strong through the entire plandemic, inspiring many others to join the fight. Now, they find themselves in need of repairs and short of funds to complete them. Consider stopping in to make a contribution to their repair fund. Buy some coffee or food while you're at it, and remember to thank Teka for her courageous stand for freedom.

Private Members Associations

For anyone who missed the meeting at Kaffe 101 with Mike about creating a private members association, check out the videos on his website to learn more about turning your skills/business into a PMA:

Salem Sept. 18th

The gathering at the State Capital on Sept. 18 saw 3,000 or more people standing up together to reject injection mandates. It was an incredible day with an inspiring address by our own Maddie Nighswonger. The CRL booth was far and away the biggest, best, and most attended at the event!

Parents Summit

Friday's Oregon Parents Summit at CRL was a success, with the last people leaving at 10pm! Thanks and kudos to all who contributed to the program. 

Paul Romero for Governor
Thank you Paul Romero for speaking at our Citizens Meeting on 6/18. Learn more about his campaign for Governor 2022 at

Stan Pulliam for Governor

Mayor Stan Pulliam of Sandy visted Coos Bay to speak at Cafe 101 on 7/31 about his visions for the state as he explores a run for Governor. Learn more about his campaign for Governor 2022 at

Affadavit of Maladministration
The push for a forensic vote audit in Oregon got a major shot in the arm today with the release of the Affidavit of Maladministration. Download, print 4 copies, fill out and have notarized then send via Certified Mail. Downloads available on our RESOURCES page or from DROPBOX

Parents with school-aged children
Submit a signed letter to the your School District ASAP sharing your opinion on un-masking our kids in the Fall, and requesting a parent survey of mask requirements, vaccinations, and critical race theory.

Teacher Love Project
The Teacher Love Project is one of the first organized education initiatives making teacher wellness the priority. Utilizing the TLP framework, community churches, area groups, and organizations come together to serve schools and teachers.
Build community, show kindness, and change hearts toward the truth.
"We just want everyone to realize that ignoring the hate-induced actions we see around us is just as dangerous as running a stop sign- injury, ruined lives, fatalities."
Thank you David Sumrall for speaking with CRL during our Friday meeting 6/11. 

Freedom, Faith, Family Festival
Approx. 1800 were in attendance, with thousands more viewing the online livestream from the A BIG THANK YOU to all our guests and volunteers who helped make this a fun, safe gathering we call all be proud of.  Post your photos/videos to your online platform of choice with #freedomfaithfamily2021 

Dominion Class Action Lawsuit

We all know about the irregularities alleged during the 2020 election. Now, a small patriotic group, Our Vote Matters, have created lawsuits against many of these alleged offenders. Visit their website for more information, to join the class action, and to download legal documents.

Join our network of concerned citizens

Thanks for submitting!

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Bandon City Council: 1st Mon @ 7pm

Coos Bay City Council: 1st Tues @ 7pm

Coquille City Council: 1st Mon @ 7pm

Lakeside City Council: 2nd Thurs @ 7pm

North Bend City Council: 2nd Tues @ 7pm

Myrtle Point City Council: 1st & 3rd Mon @ 7:30 pm

Bandon School Board: 1st Thurs @ 5:30pm

Coquille School Board: 2nd Wed @ 6pm

Coos Bay School Board: 2nd Mon @ 6pm

North Bend School Board: 1st Thurs @ 7pm

Myrtle Point School Board: 2nd Mon @ 6:30pm

We encourage you to use your voice and attend your local city council & school board meetings. 

*Subject to change, monitor city and school websites for monthly schedule

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