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I am a retired truck driver. I am & have been a concerned citizen about loosing my Country. I grew up in a God & Country enviroment (slightly disfunctional) my Dad came home from WW2 with alcohol problems. He was a tech sargent so Mom & I were his private 1st class, complete with the abuses they were trained in. No one knew or would admit knowing about PTSD back then. So, I am a baby boomer that wants to UNRIG the corrupt government, tear down the current public education that seems to think transgender is what they should be teaching our 1st grade children!

I attended the meeting 3/26/2021 and met this couple that reached out to me as we were all leaving. The man said I was just like his wife. I breifly acknowledged her and did not get a chance to talk much. If you read this? Please email me at or friend me at Kat Ran so we can comiserate together? I think we all should support each other, however some of the wives need a place to vent with like minded other wives? I sometimes feel like I'm going to explode! My husband comes along to humer me & because he wants a quality of life! LOL his family is one of those "oh I don't vote" I don't pay any attention to all that garbage.... "theres nuthin' anybody can do about it"!!! It's a lonely place to be among people you would practically die for and they don't want to talk about it !!

I was the lady that shared the story about the fire in Paradise? I am so sorry that I did not remember your names. I will go next week & maybe we can hook up then?

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